Product#: 67644


PROFORM's third generation slim wireless vehicle scale includes NEW features! New features include full size 15" x 15" slim aluminum scale pads (1 5/16" thick), drive-up angle for easy setup, live stream data feed via USB...

Product#: 67650

5000 Lbs Vehicle Scale

PROFORMs vehicle scale has been upgraded and now features Cross weight, Side/Side weight, and Front/Rear weight in addition to the standard weight and percentage for each wheel and total vehicle weight. The individual scale...

5000 Lbs Vehicle Scale

MSRP $934.99 ea
Classic $849.99 ea

Product#: SP91040

HD Caster/Camber Gauge for 21- 26" Wheels

Portable, hands-free alignment can be done quickly and easily with the fast trax & trade; adjustable camber/caster gauge. This tool will help you fine-tune your alignment for optimal tracking and handling, while minimizing...

Product#: Y41500

5 Piece Joint Separator Set

This fork set is designed to separate ball joints, tie rods, pitman arms and other suspension items that are difficult to separate.

5 Piece Joint Separator Set

MSRP $49.99 set
Classic $44.99 set

Product#: WR11241

Universal Adjustable Coilover Spanner Wrench

Spanner Wrench, fully adjustable - Universal with any hook-groove style coil-over shock. Fully Adjustable for various size lock nuts and retainers. Steel frame construction with comfort grip rubber handle. Made in the USA. ...

Product#: HS9001

Coilover Shock Spanner Adjusting Wrench

Spanner adjusting wrench for coil-over shocks. Note: No further discounts apply.

Product#: D31061

Detroit Speed; Shock Valve Adjustment Tool For Coilover Shocks

The DSE adjusting tool is used for adjusting your ride height on DSE suspension applications when using DSE coil-over shocks. Made in USA Also requires part # D31060 adjusting tool (sold separately) when using DSE...

Product#: 85000000

Spanner Wrench For Ridetech Coilover Shocks

If you own a pair of RideTech coilovers, you will want this. The spanner wrench is used to adjust or tighten the ridetech coil retainer on the coilover which allows you to adjust the preload of the coil spring.

Product#: D31060

Detroit Speed; Spanner Wrench For Coilover Shocks

The DSE spanner tool is used for adjusting your ride height on DSE suspension applications when using DSE coil-over shocks. Made in USA Important: Also requires part # D31061 adjusting tool (sold separately) when using...

Product#: SP81139

Magnetic Adjustable Camber Gauge

This is inexpensive, portable, and very accurate. It has a simple leveling adjustment of 3. Housed in a durable, non-magnetic casing with a magnetic head that attaches firmly to rotors or spindles. Time/money saving...

Product#: WR5438

1-1/8" Cal Tracs Wrenches (6 Point & 12 Point)

Calvert Racing Suspensions is offering a pair of 1-1/8" wrenches for those who own Cal Tracs Traction Bars. These are made fron 4340 steel that has been heat treated and zinc plated for a long lasting finish. Includes a...

Product#: AM401100

Art Morrison Adjustable Spanner Wrench

All important tool for adjusting coil-over shocks. Featured a rubberized handle for non-slip convenience. This special adjustable spanner wrench fits most applications. Made in USA

Product#: Y41900

Pitman Arm Puller

This pitman arm puller will make replacing the pitman arm easy. Specifically designed to pull pitman arms from most cars and trucks.

Pitman Arm Puller

MSRP $38.99 ea
Classic $34.99 ea

Product#: TF500174

Adjustable Spanner Wrench

Adjustable spanner wrench for adjusting the ride height on Heidt's coil-over shocks.

Product#: X2288

Tie Rod Separator; 11/16" Tine; Handle Length 10-1/2"

Now with Steps for Better Gripping. Stepped design helps keep tool from bouncing back. 18520 is used to replace worn out tie rods and to separate shock absorber links. The tine opening is 11/16". These heavy-duty tools are...

Product#: Y34550

Handy Packer - Bearing Grease Packer

The Handy Packer works on bearings up to 3-1/2" o.d. The grease stays in the tool cavity, not on your hands. To pack a bearing, place the bearing on the piston. Press down on the cap until the old grease is forced out and the...

Product#: H32101

1978-87 Buick Regal Upper Trailing Arm Bushing Install and Removal Tool

The Hotchkis GM upper trailing arm bushing install and removal tool allows for easy removal and installation of new bushings in GM 10 and 12-bolt rear ends commonly found in GM A/G-Body vehicles. This tool makes a great...

Product#: X2478-BBLP

1963-82 Chevrolet Corvette; Rear Spindle Installation Tool

Rear Spindle Installation Tool for 1963-1982 Chevrolet Corvette. From restoration to performance, we are proud to offer the highest quality parts for both classic and late models Corvettes. Note: There's nothing like having...

Product#: Y65250

Universal Bearing Packer

Special tool designed to pack the bearings so they stay where they belong. Works on most cars and trucks.

Universal Bearing Packer

MSRP $14.99 ea
Classic $12.99 ea

Product#: X102

1963-82 Chevrolet Corvette; Spindle Knockout Tool

Spindle knockout tool designed specifically for use with 1963-82 Chevrolet Corvette models. When you're working on your Corvette's suspension it is helpful to have the right tool for the job!